You Know, You Can Still Go Camping During Lockdown

While international travel is definitely a no-go during a global pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your fun completely, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a back garden in your home.

In fact, many people are choosing to treat themselves to pop-up tents and fairy lights to transform their garden into the campsite of their dreams - and it’s also a fun way to keep the kids occupied as the weekends get warmer and summer draws closer.

Staying at home means you also have the luxury of bringing items you probably wouldn’t on your usual camping trip - so go luxury and fill your tent with plush cushions and bedding. If you have any lamps or string lights, they will also be a perfect addition to illuminate your ‘camping area’ at night.

Cooking for your campout can also be a breeze - whether you already own a barbecue, buy an instant one-time bbq from the supermarket or even prefer to use your home kitchen, just whip up some fun grub in whatever way suits you best. Less time cooking means more time for camping games, just don't forget the marshmallows!

Whether your campout is for just the adults, or kids will be joining - anyone can enjoy a cosy night in a tent, and a night in nature is perfect for getting back to basics and taking yourself out of the same routine - which in the current climate is needed more than ever.

[Featured Image Credit: Booking.com]

Camping in your garden can be however you want it to be, to suit your personal needs - it's never a one-size fits all! There’s nothing better than telling campfire stories under the stars, and better yet - the toilet need only be a few steps away in the comfort of your own home. Why should you have to wait until travel bans are lifted for your holiday this year, when you can do it from the comfort of your own dwellings instead?